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Sunday, December 12, 2010

NASA=excitement fail

A good summary (

I don't know if the Australian mainstream media got wind of NASA's announcement about arsenic-based life last week or not (I heard from everyone's fav nerd news aggregator,, so here's the rub:

29 Nov: NASA releases this media alert, making it sound like they found something really awesome!

2 Dec: NASA Press conference/release explains that a bacteria in some lake in California apparently is using arsenic in a way the rest of life uses phosphorus.
The world is disappointed- the internets cry "Come on, NASA! :| Bacteria? On Earth? Surely you could do better" (just check out the comments on the slashdot page).

Now, the latest is a whole bunch of people are saying the study is crap! A good summary of criticisms can be found in this 7 Dec article from

Way to go NASA! Freaking awesome! First, you make us think you've found ET, then tell us it's only bacteria - and you didn't even leave the country?!? On top of that it was a really poor study?
Just go back to getting us on mars, ok?
BTW, where's my moon-city? It's late.


Tab said...

Yes... moon city... was that your retirement plan?

A. Schultz said...

Beats shorty o'neil's doesn't it?