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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3D food... what will they think of next?

These guys have stuck a bunch of pureed food into a 3D printer!
While that means you could make a tomato out of pumpkin puree, or an exact replica of the eiffel tower made out of liquorice, these folk have other ideas:
Imagine [a food] almost like a meatloaf that absorbs sauce like a sponge. That is cool — much cooler to me than printing some ersatz steak.
Yeah, they want to play around with textures and create something not possible with any other techniques.
Sounds cool. I just hope it doesn't get used for something like Paris Hilton's next cake!

FYI- ersatz means fake/not real.

via Slashdot (again)

Holy Moley!

Check out this car!
The Cosworth Forumla 1 engine is just the fuel pump!!!!!

It's 13.4 meters long, which isn't too bad when you consider its ROCKET is 3.6 meters long on its own.
Good luck with your parallel parking.

Wall Street Journal