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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Wish List

I'm not expecting anything on this list to appear under my tree this year, but one of the fun things about Christmas is sending Santa your wish-list! If you know someone like me, here are some ideas!

iPad: If you don't know why someone like me would want one of these, you either don't really know someone like me, or you need to learn more about what an ipad is!

Cr-48: I don't really need one, and I'm know there are better notebooks around, but the Cr-48 is exclusive! And it's perfect for the OS tinkering I like to do- nothing fancy, just trying out different distro's of Linux.

Saddleback Leather Co Bag: The manliest man-bags around!

A tailored suit: A man's gotta look sharp!

Camping gear: Since coming to Broken HIll, I've been on a few creek-bed sleep-outs. I'd love to get my own gear to head off for a weekend every now and then. Oh yeah, Tab likes camping too.

Tools: Tab and I have some tools, but there are a few that would be handy and others that make my toolbox frequently inadequate! Top of the list includes: a drill bit set, a jigsaw and my circular saw could use a new blade. A router would be awesome, as would a Dremel set.

Timber/building supplies: Honestly, some planks of Australian hardwood would make an awesome present, even just sticks of pine would be useful! Timber is expensive, so getting some as a gift would enable me to build an assortment of projects- shelves, cabinets, a larger chook pen..

Cigars/pipe: I know, smoking is bad for you- really bad, but I currently don't smoke at all, and would only like to take it up as a luxury (once or twice a week at most). Like coffee, I enjoy the ritual and 'earthy manliness' more than the taste etc- hence cigarettes are not very appealing to me.

A bottle of Port: Who doesn't love to sit down at the end of the day to admire his handiwork with his pipe/cigar in one hand and a glass of port in the other?

Well, that's my brief list! Of course, there are a plethora of other things I'd love, but just haven't thought of them right now- also, often the best gifts are ones the person didn't even know they liked!

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