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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mmmm.... CAKE, my fav!

My Christmas present for this year is coming next year. Cake (the band) is releasing their new album, 'Showroom of Compassion' on January 11 (Happy Birthday Jeff!).
My pre-order went in as soon as it was available, which means my Vinyl LP copy will be SIGNED BY THE BAND!!!!

This album's been a long time coming: Cake's last release was the "B-sides and Rarities" compilation in 2007. The last new music album was "Pressure Chief" in 2004 (when they toured Australia and I saw them LIVE). Last year they re-released their first album, "Motorcade of Generosity", digitally remastered & beautiful.

Here's the band talking about the Showroom of Compassion and the first official music video from it (Sick of You):

From the Archives: Party time!

Do you know what makes a good party?
This 1950 Coronet Instructional Film can help both host and guest!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

See? Drunk tourists are good for something!

Look out sharks! Drunk Serbs are around!

Basically, a shark was eating people, so this drunk tourist jumped on its head, killing it.
He was hospitalised... for ALCOHOL POISONING!!

Hit the link for the Mina news article: MINA Breaking News

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Wish List

I'm not expecting anything on this list to appear under my tree this year, but one of the fun things about Christmas is sending Santa your wish-list! If you know someone like me, here are some ideas!

iPad: If you don't know why someone like me would want one of these, you either don't really know someone like me, or you need to learn more about what an ipad is!

Cr-48: I don't really need one, and I'm know there are better notebooks around, but the Cr-48 is exclusive! And it's perfect for the OS tinkering I like to do- nothing fancy, just trying out different distro's of Linux.

Saddleback Leather Co Bag: The manliest man-bags around!

A tailored suit: A man's gotta look sharp!

Camping gear: Since coming to Broken HIll, I've been on a few creek-bed sleep-outs. I'd love to get my own gear to head off for a weekend every now and then. Oh yeah, Tab likes camping too.

Tools: Tab and I have some tools, but there are a few that would be handy and others that make my toolbox frequently inadequate! Top of the list includes: a drill bit set, a jigsaw and my circular saw could use a new blade. A router would be awesome, as would a Dremel set.

Timber/building supplies: Honestly, some planks of Australian hardwood would make an awesome present, even just sticks of pine would be useful! Timber is expensive, so getting some as a gift would enable me to build an assortment of projects- shelves, cabinets, a larger chook pen..

Cigars/pipe: I know, smoking is bad for you- really bad, but I currently don't smoke at all, and would only like to take it up as a luxury (once or twice a week at most). Like coffee, I enjoy the ritual and 'earthy manliness' more than the taste etc- hence cigarettes are not very appealing to me.

A bottle of Port: Who doesn't love to sit down at the end of the day to admire his handiwork with his pipe/cigar in one hand and a glass of port in the other?

Well, that's my brief list! Of course, there are a plethora of other things I'd love, but just haven't thought of them right now- also, often the best gifts are ones the person didn't even know they liked!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 Cool Games- name your price!

Follow the link below to! For 6 more days, you can buy a bundle of 5 great games by indie developers that are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux!!
The best part? You decide what the bundle is worth to you!
That's right: YOU decide what you're going to pay!!!!!1!!11!!

Also great: part of the payment goes to charity!
Exclamation marks!!!!

The Humble Indie Bundle #2

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google's plans- creepy, but helpful

Cool, but a bit big-brotherly creepy (and I don't mean my siblings)- using your location and what you are doing atm, google wants to send you info before you ask for it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

NASA=excitement fail

A good summary (

I don't know if the Australian mainstream media got wind of NASA's announcement about arsenic-based life last week or not (I heard from everyone's fav nerd news aggregator,, so here's the rub:

29 Nov: NASA releases this media alert, making it sound like they found something really awesome!

2 Dec: NASA Press conference/release explains that a bacteria in some lake in California apparently is using arsenic in a way the rest of life uses phosphorus.
The world is disappointed- the internets cry "Come on, NASA! :| Bacteria? On Earth? Surely you could do better" (just check out the comments on the slashdot page).

Now, the latest is a whole bunch of people are saying the study is crap! A good summary of criticisms can be found in this 7 Dec article from

Way to go NASA! Freaking awesome! First, you make us think you've found ET, then tell us it's only bacteria - and you didn't even leave the country?!? On top of that it was a really poor study?
Just go back to getting us on mars, ok?
BTW, where's my moon-city? It's late.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

NMovember/early December 2010

Movember is over and Christmas is upon us! 
So far, the counted donations for our Movember Team have reached $730!! About $200 more is expected to clear the bank soon too. This is a great result. Thanks to all who donated! 
Not only did my team raise such a great figure, but almost all the information leaflets we made available have gone! The guide to what works for depression was the most popular, having only 10 copies they disappeared fast. Also going quick were the Beyond Blue flyers for Depression in Men.

My goatee is coming back well. I'll try and find some pics from Movember to post this week.

My Spring Semester uni results were released this week! I'm happy with the marks. For the 3 units I did, my marks were 72-73-73, all credits. Not too bad, since I felt like I bombed the exam for the 72 mark. This makes my GPA so far 5.333, which is just above a credit (4=pass, 5=credit, 6=distinction, 7=high distinction).
I hope I can keep it up- I've got chemistry this semester, which I've heard lots of people say is hard :( 
The other subjects I'm enrolled in for Autumn are Epidemiology and Science in Society, which look interesting.

That's all for now,

Friday, December 10, 2010