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Monday, June 7, 2010

*drool* Saddleback Leather Co.

There are some things that are just cool. There are some things that seem to manly without trying (but could be used by a woman without her looking too masculine). There are some things that scream 'rugged' and 'style' all at once.
Just about anything from the Saddleback Leather Company fills all these criteria.
My latest drool-fest is over their Medium 'Dark Coffee Brown' Travel Case.
Medium Dark Coffee Brown
...and yes, that is awesome
 I think Dave (the guy behind Saddleback) nicely summarises what it is and what it's for:
I set out to make a great toiletry bag, but ended up using it for my tools, then my hot wife commandeered the small one for her makeup.  I've heard it's "perfect" for lunches, first aid, sewing, ammunition, organizing desks and trucks and for all that medicine old people have to take.
 Personally, I really like the idea of having one of these as my toiletry bag, and a small one for ammo when I'm out hunting wabbits (when I eventually get a licence & gun).
There are two sizes (Small and Medium) and four colours available (Tobacco, Carbon Black, Dark Coffee Brown and Chestnut). Prices are US$164 for medium and US$147 for small. As the site quotes Pasquale: "Buy the best: Cry once"

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