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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Package Arrived!

Great news! I'm super excited! A package has just arrived at the Schultz household!
It's my CAKE PREORDER!!!! Woo!

Oh yeah, we had a baby too. (I'm very excited about Clementine and she'll get her own post very soon)
The haul.

The Official release date for the album is 11th January, but they posted the pre-orders out a little early to make sure we got them on or just before then!
My unboxing pics:
Note: I got the ultimate package deal, which includes everything except the CD.
What you see first.

A close-up of the shirt logo.

Under the t-shirt.

Awesome bonus temporary tattoo.

Front of the single "Sick of You" in vinyl.

Back cover of the single.

The signed album LP.

The back of the album cover.

The LP and inner sleeve.

The back of the inner sleeve.

The sexy red LP coming out of the inner sleeve.

The single's cover, inner sleeve and orange vinyl awesomeness.

The single's A-side.

Ooh, contrast for the B-side!

If the shirt fits...

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