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Friday, October 8, 2010

Odds, ends and very odds...

I've been a bit busy over the last while, with assignments and trips to Sydney and what-not. Here's a rapid-fire of the posts I forgot to post:

1. Neat finds at the tip!
8mm film projector in excellent condition, with original box!

8mm film camera with original box, instructions and carry-case all in excellent condition too!!

The front of the projector.

2. We saw our baby (the other one)!
It's a girl, but no name yet.

3. I had a birthday!

4. I got my full licence!

5. Addie turned 1!
We had a party and presents and stuff.

"Don't you love the big pink cake I made you, Addie? Addie?"

How about a very hungry caterpillar cake?
6. We went to Sydney!
Due to the distance Addie spent a lot of time in her car seat:
Asleep on the way home.

While we were there I decided to test my morning manliness capabilities:
Manliness: oozing from every pore!

...and Addie stuffed herself with cake and sweets where ever we went (Grandparents don't help):

7. We returned to peas!
Our pea plants were covered in ripe peas when we returned, and heaps of flowers had blossomed too!
Freshly picked

Those that made it to the bowl after being shelled.

8. Last but not least, Tab's looking Fab!
What a beauty!

Catch you all soon!

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