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Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Election Day!

Well, by Sunday we should know who the Prime Minister is for the next while.
Last time, I did an informal vote on purpose. I didn't know much about the different parties and didn't really have definite views anyway.
I was on team that year and we were asked to hand out flyers for the CDP at one of the local voting places for an hour or two. When I got there, I found the flyers called for a total stop to Muslim immigration- something that sounds rather discriminatory for a secular society like Australia. So, I didn't hand them out very enthusiastically.
This election, I've reviewed a lot of parties' policies (ALP, Lib, Greens, LDPCDP, Family First, The Sex Party and The Secular Party -even Senator Online [which I find ridiculous as it would be totally dominated by trolls]) and controversially (among Christian circles, at least) I've decided to mostly go Green.
I don't agree with all their policies (notably the abortion and gay marriage issues), but i do agree with most of them and their general ethos. The "Christian" parties (CDP and FF) make me cringe and the "Anti-Christian" parties (Sex and Secular Parties) go too far in the other direction. The two major parties don't seem to make a hard stand on issues that actually matter to me (like climate change) and I don't want to throw my vote away again.
I encourage every one to go check out the different parties, make up your own mind, put together your preferences and vote like you mean it!


Paul said...

Well we still don't know who the PM will be . But thats ok because I think the major parties got the message we don't like ant of them.
I am encouraging everyone to vote for the local candidate they think will represent them best . That after all is what the westminster system is supposed to be about , all independants.

A. Schultz said...

It's an interesting time politically, isn't it!?
Every morning the abc reports different likely outcomes for the seats that aren't settled yet. Yesterday they said 73-73 for the two majors, now they're saying 71-71 and that it'll be another week before things settle down.
My expectation of a result by Sunday was a little optimistic, wasn't it?!