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Sunday, May 16, 2010

With Two Legs

Hi y'all!
Allow me to introduce With Two Legs. This blog is a place for me to share my life experiences. My main aim is to share with you and remind myself of the things that make me feel alive- be it pain, joy, people, places, ideas, nature, whatever.
The name -with two legs- comes from the G. K. Chesterton book Man Alive. The book starts with a young man recounting how he had received a telegram from an old school friend which showed the past acquaintance to be quite mad. The telegram read:
Man found alive with two legs.
The rest of the story is quite intriguing. It details how this man brings apparent schoolboy madness to the house. It is the same kind of madness (but brought about in a very different way) as conjured by Mary Poppins in that great Disney film.  I like to think quietly to myself that the madman Innocent Smith in Chesterton's novel may indeed be the father in Mary Poppins reincarnate (after he came back from his frolic with the kites- he was much too stuffy beforehand).
I have chosen this name because it is this infatuation with life that is so profuse that it is mistaken for madness which I desire to portray in my life. This blog is (hopefully) my record of my journey to achieve this as a father, son, brother, husband, student, worker, man, believer, person.
Of course, the reality is that this blog will probably be a lot less noble than all that. You'll see reposts of stuff I think is cool, photos and stories from my life and home and hopefully some stuff that is helpful to you.
If you ever have a suggestion for the blog in general or a post, go ahead and post it in the comments, or (when I get to putting it up) use the contact form.

Hope you enjoy it (with two legs)!

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