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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing My Family

As it says in the About page, I am married with (currently) one child. My wife, Tab runs the blog Small Things. She is lovely. She is a very good cook, crafter, mother, blogger, seamstress and wife. She does other stuff good too. I think she looks pretty darn good too.

Adelaide was born in September last year. She's a great crawler. Addie only started crawling a few weeks ago, but she gets around rather quick now. I think her favourite toys at the moment are her toy phone and wooden spoon. Addie really likes being upside-down. Tab's blog has some great pics of both of them (and some good reading too).

Both Tab and I like 1950s/60s era stuff- be it music, advertising or furniture. I came to the 1950s interest by listening to a "hits of the 60s" cd set my Mum bought from Danoz direct or something. Tab (I think) got right into it when she worked at Bell's Milkbar in South Broken Hill. It was while she was working there that we began to court (but that's another story).


Tab said...

Awww shucks. Can I link you or no?

A. Schultz said...

Oh, please do! I really like your blog, you know.